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History of Bristol

The rich and eventful martime history of Bristol stretches back over many centuries.    The original town was listed in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of 1051 as a port trading regularly with Ireland. Bristol played an extremely important role in sea trade for hundreds of years following this, but as the scale of business and trade grew in the city, so did the need to develop the narrow and relatively small harbour. Located on the River Avon, Bristol has always been an important trading city with a wealth of distinguished merchant houses and historical buildings.

Pirates and privateers

Walking along Bristol's ancient harbour, it's easy to imagine the tall ships with their sails whipping in the wind and the shouts and cries of sailors preparing to head out to sea. Bristol's strong links with the ocean, and its role in Transatlantic slavery and the trade of tobacco, inevitably lead to the city's involvement with piracy. Laws at the time stated that piracy was illegal - however the practice of privateering was not.  The character Benn Gunn in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island was also based on Selkirk. Stevenson is said to have visited the Hole in the Wall pub just off Queen Square in Bristol, which bares striking resemblance to the Spyglass Tavern in Treasure Island.

Bristol's Maritime History

The geography of the land and the huge tidal range of the Avon had always caused problems for ships docking in Bristol. As the water in the river ebbed back towards the sea, the ships anchored in the harbour would rest on the river bed and be subject to immense pressure from the weight on board, often causing considerable damage to the timbers. As a result, Bristol-built ships were constructed using the finest materials and most skilled techniques, and quickly became famous for their sturdy craftsmanship. Sailors visiting the port would comment on this, spawning the famous saying 'shipshape and Bristol fashion'

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